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Review of main Rome attractions: Rome Tours

Rome ToursRome is a wonderful city to wander around and get lost in. There are surprises around every corner and an abundance of heritage to see, however for who is travelling on a tighter schedule or simply wants to know more about all that they are looking at there is always the possibility to take a tour of the city. Hotel Des Artistes offers the possibility to book various tours directly at our reception desk, alternatively why not consider one of our package deals.

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Rome tours that can be booked via our receptions desk include the below listed. We would also be more than happy to pre-book these for you after youhave made a reservation and in this case please do not hesitate to send your request to us at

You will also find a wider selection catering to more specific tastes ready to be booked online, so don’t delay book today!


Dark Rome Tours and Walks presents the Angels & Demons official tour

Dark Rome TourWho hasn’t read the enthralling story created by Dan Brown and based entirely in the enchanting city of Rome!? This tour takes us on a journey, the possibility to relive the story and rekindle in our mind all the landmarks and fascinating facts stated in this fiction thriller.

You will be presented with many of the Bernini sculptures mentioned, and shown various pagan symbolism which is now intermixed with their christian resting places in order to gain an insight on ancient truths.

The stops along the way are many so a good pair of walking shoes are recommended. During the 4 hour tour which includes a coffee break at the pantheon you will have the possibility to enter into Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Navona, Santa Maria del Popolo and much much more.

The tour is priced at 54,00 euro person and includes anyentrance fees, minibus transfer and your refreshment break in one of Romes most glorious piazza’s.



Dark Rome Tours and Walks presents Crypts and Catacombs

catacoms RomeAs nice as it is to walk around Rome marvelling at the remains of thousands of years of history there is also a fascinating underworld not to be forgotten. For those looking for a more in depth take on the eternal city why not go below ground to witness the burial chambers dating back to imperial and early christian Rome. Expert guides are on hand to guide you through the world of crypts and catacombs with intriguig myths and stories to be told along the way.

The tour includes a visit to the Capuchin bone chapel which is an unbelievable passage of walls, rooms and even furniture completely adorned in bones. The tour then proceeds to the catacombs of Domitilla and ends with a spectacular underground visit below the church of San Clemente, to be precise a 60 feet descent to the last of the days underworlds. The tour is priced at 52,00 euro person and includes any entrance fees and minibus transfer.


Dark Rome Tours and Walks presents The Dark Heart of Rome

Rome NightRome by night is transformed into a stage of beauty, mystery and hidden legends. When the sun goes down the city takes on a magical, mystic atmosphere that is just waiting to reveal a more sinister, more intriguing side to the city.

Your guide will tell tales of great legends and it is up to you to decide for yourself how true are these words, or just maybe a shadow in the corner or a strange sound will confirm all of your doubts!

The tour is on foot as you wind around Rome visiting Campo de’Fiori and the mysterious Castel Sant’Angelo to name but a few of the chosen stops.

It is also a great chance to see Rome illminated at night as it certainly does change the face of this beautiful city into something even more magical.

The tour is priced at 18,00 euro/person



Greenline Tours presents Classical Rome

Classical Rome TourThis reputable roman tour company has been in operation for over 30 years bringing you a selection of tours that includes transport and billingual tour guides.

Their tours cover large areas of the city and are especially perfect for who is staying in Rome for a very short period of time and is worried that they will not see the main hot spots.

The classical Rome tour is idealfor exactly who wants that overview of Rome, as it covers that main attractions that one comes to Rome to see and marvel at. Lasting approx. 3 hours the tour includes St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain (don’t forget to throw a coin in the fountain to ensure your return) and the Pantheon in all it’s glory.

The tour is priced at 33,50 euro person and includes transportation to and from your hotel





Greenline Tours presents Imperial Rome

Imperia Rome TourA trip to Rome would not be complete without a sighting of the magnificent, breathtaking Colosseum and it’s nearby roman forum. The tour begins in front of the monument King Vistor Emanuel II (affectionately known as the wedding cake!) This is not a particualrly well documented sight of attraction, largely overshdowed by the likes of the vatican and the spanish steps but never the less is quite spectacular in it’s grandeur and sheer size.

Your guide will take you up to the Piazza Campidoglio where you will pass by the famous church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. From here magnificent views of the roman forum can be seen. Others points of interest that you will be shown is the old race course of Circus Maximus and the Basilica of St. Pauls outside the Walls.

The grand finale is a stop at the Colosseum howeve please note that this tour does not include a visit inside.

The tour is priced at 33,50 euro person and includes transportation to and from your hotel



Greenline Tours presents The Vatican Museums

Vatican Rome TourThe Vatican museums have to be ranked as one of the most breathtaking in the world.

Their sheer size is to be marvelled at, not to mention the abundance of treasures that they behold. It is a labryth of passagways and galleries that seem neverending and can be quite daunting for first time visitors.

For those wishing to visit the museums and gain an in depth insight into what they are looking at then a tour would certainly be a great solution.

Greenline Tours proposes a 3 hour tour that takes you round the museums, sistine chapel and gallery of the tapestries whilst illustrating the most important facts and answering your questions and queries, an ideal way to gain a quick knowledge of this complex maze of artefacts, art and scupltures.

The tour is priced at 50.00 euro person and includes transportation to and from your hotel




Greenline Tours presents Illuminated Rome

Illuminated Rome TourRome is a vision to be held during the day but at night things get even more spectacular.

The wonderful buildings, the romantic fountains and cobbled stoned streets all illumintaed in a mgnificent way bring this city to life in a magical and relaxing way.

A saunter round the historic centre during the evening is an enjoyable task and definately worth the effort (even if you are feeling tired after a day of sightseeing you won’t be sorry).

The tour is priced at 39.00 euro person and includes transportation to and from your hotel






Enjoy Rome presents Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere Tour

Ghetto Trastevere ToursIf you are looking to get away from the hub of tha main tourist attractions and want to dig deeper into the backstreets and some of the oldest quarters of Rome then this is a great tour to take to discover the backstreets that prove to be some of the most charming.

A walking tour around the jewish ghetto and then across the river to the ancient area of Trastevere will give you a chance to take a look at the real roman life with an enthusiastic guide delivering tales of great interest along the way.

The tour is priced at 27.00 euro person






Greenline Tours presents The Rome Panoramic Tour

Tour Panoramic RomeNot to keen on tackling the Roman transport system? Worried that you will miss Out on some of the main attractions? Haven’t got much time to do an awful lot of sightseeing?

The panoramic tour could just be your solution.

With this pass for the Greenline open top buses you can hop on and off at their various stops which are all very central and cover the main hot spots that shouldn’t be missed. Should you stay on without ever getting off the entire tour takes 2 hours but it is recommended that you do get off to better see the sights up close.

You will be given a map of all stops and a timetable of when you can pick up a bus at every stop throughout the day from 9am until 4pm. Staff are aboard to assist you and give you city information and the really great thing is that your ticket is available for 24 or 48 hours and includes unlimited use of this shuttle service with a difference.

The tour is priced at 18.00 euro person for 24 hours and 22.00 euro per person for 48 hours from the first time you use the ticket.

Should you prefer to book in advance your preferred Rome tour there is also the possibility to book online today, so.... don’t delay!